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How to Bring More Compassion into the World

By Deepak Chopra™ MD

A quality much needed in a divided world but not often encountered is compassion. Compassion is a way of connecting the love and self-awareness within yourself to another person. Compassion is more than kindness, then. It’s a natural…

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By Deepak Chopra™ MD

If you want to experience the highest values in life — love, compassion, beauty, creativity, joy, and higher consciousness — your brain isn’t the right place to turn. These experiences exist in your awareness, waiting to emerge. The brain cannot give you these experiences, because contrary…

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By Deepak Chopra™ MD

There’s an old joke about a man who falls off the Empire State Building. As he passes an office window on the way down, someone shouts, “How are you going?” and the man answers, “I’m okay so far.” …

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The Truth about Your Brain

By Deepak Chopra™ MD

The notion that human beings walk, talk, think, and do things because our brains control us is an argument that has been around for decades. …

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An Enlightening Moment

By Deepak Chopra™ MD

When you look at the traditions of higher consciousness East and West, they all seem to have one thing in common: Arriving at higher consciousness takes time, perhaps a lifetime. Along with this notion comes other, closely related ones. Higher consciousness is exceptional…

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Using Wisdom to Solve Your Problems

By Deepak Chopra™ MD

Challenges are part of everyone’s life, but there are dark moments when a challenge turns into a crisis. The outcome of our lives depends on the choices we make at those moments. Will they be breakthroughs or setbacks? The trait…

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By Deepak Chopra™ MD, Brian J. Fertig, MD and Jack A. Tuszynski, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Medical research enjoyed a major breakthrough over the past decade when two factors were isolated that link almost every major disorder: inflammation and stress. Neither came as a total surprise. Inflammation was long known as a…

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Connecting with Abundance

By Deepak Chopra™ MD

As society has just experienced on a massive scale, anxiety about loss of income is very damaging. Everyone can see the loss in economic terms, but at a deeper level something invisible is at work. People’s sense of abundance and fulfillment is undermined…

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By Deepak Chopra™ MD

Everyone has had the bitter experience of being betrayed, when someone we trusted violated that trust. After being betrayed, most of us want two things, usually at the same time. We want to get even with the person who hurt us or we want to rise…

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The Generosity of Spirit: A Breakthrough

By Deepak Chopra™ MD

Everyone has experienced a shared moment, when two people are having the same experience. Expand the moment into something continuous, and you have the experience of being in love. …

Deepak Chopra

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